Vaginoplasty: Pros, Cons, Costs and Alternatives

If you’re feeling particularly self-conscious about the shape of your vagina, you might consider joining the thousands of women who have had a vaginoplasty — otherwise known as vagina tightening surgery.

This is a surprisingly common procedure, that’s only getting more commonplace as more and more women decide to take action after noticing the effects that childbirth and aging have had on their genitals.

We’ll get into exactly what to expect from a vaginoplasty procedure, as well as the cost and even vaginoplasty before and after.

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Let’s get right into it.

What is a Vaginoplasty?

The term ‘vaginoplasty’ is actually a broad umbrella term that applies to basically any surgery that concerns the reconstruction of the vagina.

Here are some of the other names it often goes by:

  • Vagina tightening surgery
  • Labiaplasty
  • Vaginal plastic surgery
  • Genitoplasty
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Designer vagina procedure (our favorite!)

While the most common reason for a vaginoplasty procedure is to surgically tighten the walls of the vagina, reduce the size of the entrance or tidy up the appearance of the vulva, it can also be used for more clinical purposes too.

vaginoplasty procedure

For instance:

  • Reversing vaginal prolapse
  • Correcting congenital defects in the genital region
  • Removing growths
  • Vagina construction in male to female transexuals

But for our purposes, we’ll be talking purely about the cosmetic type of vaginoplasty: vagina tightening surgery.

Those of you interested in labiaplasty will also want to stay tuned: these is a slightly less invasive surgery that alters the appearance of your labia. Most women will have the surgeon either reduce their size or even the left and right labia out if they’re asymmetrical.

Types of Vaginoplasty Procedure

There are three main types of vaginoplasty for cosmetic reasons: vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty and hymenoplasty.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

This is generally what most women think of when they consider vagina tightening surgery.

It’s basically a surgery that aims to reshape the tissue of your vagina, tightening the muscles that have slackened over the years — usually due to natural childbirth and/or aging.

This procedure can often be performed by your Ob/Gyn rather than a dedicated cosmetic surgeon, as it usually entails simply injecting the walls of the vagina with either a natural filler or fat removed from another part of your body. This narrows the vaginal canal, resulting in that ‘tighter’ feeling you remember from your youth.


Labiaplasty procedures are also very common and many women often elect to get that done as well as the vaginal rejuvenation discussed above.

This surgery is normally carried out by a cosmetic surgery, as it involves trimming and reshaping the labia minora and majora to the shape and size of your preferences. Most good clinics know offer this with laser technology.

Here’s a great video on one woman’s experience with labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation:

The labiaplasty recovery period is relatively short — around one to two weeks depending on the extent of the trim you receive — and you’ll usually have to wear a pad and refrain from sex while your body heals.


Much rarer than the two vaginoplasty procedures discussed above, there’s quite a lot of controversy surrounding hymenoplasty.

It’s essentially, the restoration of your hymen — the thin tissue over the entrance to your vagina that is usually broken during intercourse for the first time, or by more routine happenings like using a tampon or horse riding.

The women that choose to have a hymenoplasty are generally aiming to feel ‘like a virgin’ again — even if it doesn’t restore any of the tightness that vaginal rejuvenation offers (unless you have this procedure as well as the hymenoplasty).

It goes without saying, of course, that the new hymen will likely break again the next time you have sex.

Other Types of Vaginoplasty

  • G-Spot Amplification: collagen is injected into the front wall of the vagina to increase sensitivity in the elusive G-spot region
  • Clitoral Unhooding: women with a large clitoral hood — i.e. skin over the top of the clitoris — may decide to have it trimmed down to increase clitoral sensitivity

Vaginoplasty Cost

The cost of vaginoplasty surgery obviously varies quite widely from clinic to clinic, state to state.

On average, you can expect a bill of anywhere between around $3,500 to $12,000 for the procedure — which may not include additional costs like anaesthesia, post-surgery prescriptions, follow-up care and other miscellaneous charges.

A labiaplasty procedure is usually a little cheaper, averaging between $3,000 to $8,000 across the US.

vaginoplasty before and after

As these are purely cosmetic operations, it’s very unlikely that any insurance provider will cover this for you, so make sure that you do your full research on costs and financing before going ahead with the procedures.

Some people look to travel outside of the USA for plastic surgeries like vaginoplasty, where clinics in Europe, Asia and South America often offer their services for a fraction of the price.

We’d urge caution if you decide to get a vaginoplasty abroad — health regulations are often not as stringent in other countries as they are in the US, and you have less legal recourse if things go wrong.

Good research of the clinic and surgeon is imperative to ensure a good experience before, during and after your vaginal rejuvenation surgery — whether you get it done at home or abroad.

Vaginoplasty Pros

Before you decide to dive in and spend serious money on a vaginoplasty, you’re likely wondering what the benefits of the procedure are.

What can you expect to get from it? Is a vaginoplasty worth it? How long do they last?

Here are all the pros you can expect from this procedure.

Increased Self Esteem

Probably the most common reason that women find themselves signing up for vaginal rejuvenation is that they’ve lost confidence in themselves.

Perhaps you feel that you’re not pleasing your partner like you used to, that you feel ‘worn out’ compared to how you felt in your youth — whatever the reason, a vaginoplasty is likely to reinvigorate you and make you feel great about yourself ‘down there’ again!

Plus, as well as feeling better, your vagina will look better too — particularly if you have a labiaplasty. This will be especially beneficial to women who are self-conscious about how they look naked.

is vaginoplasty worth it

It Lasts a Lifetime

A major pro for vaginoplasty procedures is that they are a long-term solution and you won’t need to have a top-up in 3 years or 20.

While the tightness will relax a little as the years go past, you will still stay tight regardless of how much sex you’re having — the one thing that will negatively affect the results of the procedure is having a natural childbirth.

The Procedure is Quick and Recovery Not Too Long Either

A vaginoplasty is an outpatient procedure that can either be done by a gynaecologist or a cosmetic surgeon in around an hour.

While there will likely be some discomfort after the surgery, you will usually feel much better in 1-2 weeks, and able to return to work after around 7 days depending on how well your recovery is going.

Most surgeons opt for sutures as opposed to traditional stitches, so you won’t need to have them taken out as they automatically dissolve within a few weeks.

Very rarely will a patient experience any scarring during a vaginoplasty either.

Possible Increased Sensitivity

Some vaginoplasty surgeons and patients have said that they found their procedure to increase their vaginal sensitivity during sex leading to better orgasms and just a generally better experience.

Of course, this cannot be guaranteed — good sex comes from a combination of factors, many of which are emotional and psychological rather than physical — but it’s a good thing regardless!

Vaginoplasty Cons

Before you get too excited about what vagina tightening surgery can offer you, it’s best to consider all the potential drawbacks of this procedure.

General Surgery Risks

Whenever you choose to have surgery, you are putting yourself in danger of certain side-effects and problems.

These include things like infections, pain, bleeding, loss of sensitivity, hyper sensitivity and scarring. While vaginoplasties are generally considered to be very safe, you are putting yourself at risk.

vaginoplasty risks

No Sex for 6 Weeks

Most clinics recommend that you refrain from intercourse for 6 weeks as your vagina heals itself following the surgery. This is both to avoid any possible infections and to ensure that you are fully healed.

Pregnancy and Childbirth can Negate the Effects

If you get pregnant and deliver a child naturally after having a vaginoplasty procedure, you will likely undo all the ‘tightening’ that you paid for the surgery to deliver.

We’d suggest waiting until you’ve finished having children before opting for it — unless you’re prepared to not have it last as long as it would normally do.

Doesn’t Guarantee Satisfaction

There are many components to having good sex and high sexual self esteem and having a tighter vagina is just one tiny fraction in this equation.

Just because you have this procedure, it won’t necessarily mean that you suddenly feel like the woman you were before having kids or that you and your partner get more satisfaction from sex with each other.

It’s simply a cosmetic procedure — not the key to happiness.

It’s Expensive

Of course, what’s off-putting for most of us about vaginal rejuvenation is the fact that it’s not exactly cheap and easy.

Far from it — it’s very expensive, in fact!

While some women will be able to justify the cost, others will decide that it’s simply not worth it. This is particularly true of vagina tightening surgery, as there are many low-cost alternatives that deliver great results too.


Vaginoplasty Alternatives

So, what are the alternatives to vaginal wall surgery?

Well, if you’re into natural and home remedies, we’d suggest that you check out our article on the 6 best ways to tighten your vagina naturally.

That includes everything from special exercises you can do, certain equipment you can buy and even traditional herbal remedies from the East.

But probably the best effective alternative to a vaginoplasty procedure is to buy a vagina tightening gel.

While you have to apply them every day, these vagina tightening creams are incredibly effective at temporarily tightening the vaginal walls without the expense and risks that we associate with surgery.

Our favorite of these gels is undoubtedly the V-Tight Gel.

vagina tightening gel

Infused with the incredibly powerful Manjakani herb, the gel is applied inside your genitals and immediately causes the contraction and tightening of the pelvic muscles, healing of any worn out vagina tissue and restoring elasticity to youthful proportions.

It’s got a host of other benefits aside, including regulating any abnormal vaginal discharge and increasing sensitivity for better sex — for both you and your partner.

If you’re on the fence about getting a vaginoplasty, we’d recommend that you try V-Tight Gel first to see if that can get the results you’re after, for a low price and no-risk alternative to surgery.

Surgery should be a last resort, rather than the first thing you turn to, when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation.

Have you considered a vaginoplasty?

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