V-Tight Gel Review

If you’re searching for the best vagina tightening solution, chances are you’ve stumbled across a product called V Tight Gel.

It promises a lot: to reshape your vaginal walls, restore suppleness and to naturally firm the vagina, all the while reducing any excess discharge and restoring the good kind of lubrication.

v-tight gel review
Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

That’s what we thought too… until we tried it.

Turns out that V-Tight Gel is magic in a bottle when it comes to tightening up your downstairs region.

But if you’re still skeptical and wondering, “does V Tight work?”, we’re here to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about this vagina tightening product.

Let’s take it away…

What is V-Tight Gel?

Essentially, V Tight is an all-natural gel that you apply to your vagina, that promises to tighten it up and provide real vaginal rejuvenation — the type that you would normally only achieve with more invasive surgeries and vaginoplasty procedures.

Here’s exactly what the product promises:

  1. To naturally tighten and firm the vagina
  2. Restore suppleness
  3. Reshape and contract vaginal walls
  4. Restore lubrication

So, how does it do all that?

The answer lies in an ancient herb extract: Manjakani.

Manjakani is an incredibly powerful herb that can be found in the wilds of Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s been in use for centuries as everything from a tool to soften leather to pharmacology and dentistry.

And — most relevantly — as a way for women to get back their tight vaginas after childbirth.

Malaysian women swear by the herb for restoring elasticity in their vaginal walls, which is naturally lost with childbirth and with age.

v tight gel

The Quercus boissieri plant, from which manjakani is extracted (By שומבלע – שומבלע, CC BY-SA 2.5)

It’s been a popular and much-loved ingredient in Ancient Chinese medicine across Asia for centuries and is still used today by woman looking to reduce any excess discharge and heal infections following labor.

What a herb.

V-Tight have harnessed the power of Manjakani in this vagina tightening gel so women all over the world can benefit from its magic.

It’s perfectly equipped to be used as an intimate aid, thanks to its other properties:

  • Easy to apply without any mess
  • Safe to use with condoms
  • Won’t irritate your skin

V Tight Gel Ingredients

So, what’s in V Tight aside from the Manjakani extract?

The company are loud and proud about the fact that V-Tight gel is all natural and non-irritating, so we want to be sure that the number of ingredients are low, with the main focus on the manjakani.

Here’s what they list on the bottle:

  1. Water
  2. Propylene glycol
  3. Manjakani fruit extract
  4. Arginine
  5. Witch Hazel extract
  6. Carbomer
  7. Sodium PCA
  8. Triethanolamine
  9. Citric acid
  10. Sodium Benzoate
  11. Potassium sorbate

Witch Hazel and Arginine are also known for their tightening properties, with arginine actually promoting increased blood flow, hence greater sensitivity — which always equals more pleasurable sex!

The V Tight Program

When you buy a bottle of V Tight, you’re not only buying an effective vagina tightening product, you’re buying a program.

The company recommend that in order to get the most from the gel, you combine it with a series of tightening exercises and follow their schedule.

This involves applying the V-Tight gel inside your vagina twice per day — once in the morning and once in the evening — as well as performing a small number of kegel exercises during the day as well.

This might sound like a lot of work but it’s actually not at all. The only way to see permanent results from a product like this is to apply it regularly.

v tight gel price

Unlike a vaginoplasty, it’s not a one time, set it and forget it, way to tighten your vagina.

It’s something you need to work at every single day. Don’t worry though — pretty soon it will become just another part of your routine and you won’t even think twice about it.

Who Should Use V-Tight?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that any woman who’s concerned about the size and laxity of her vagina to take a long hard look at V Tight Gel.

There are no reported side effects and it’s a very affordable solution — it’s certainly a low risk purchase.

Generally, women who’ve had children or older ladies are going to be the main audience for these vagina tightening products.

We all know how pushing a baby out can totally reshape and widen your vagina, while age and gravity ensure that you start to lose some of that youthful elasticity in your genitals that you once enjoyed too.

If you experience any of the following, you’re likely a good candidate for V-Tight:

  • Unable to be satisfied by your partner during sex
  • Unable to satisfy your partner during sex
  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm
  • Ability to insert three fingers into your vagina with little difficulty
  • Inability to feel your vaginal walls gripping when you insert your index finger

All of these symptoms suggest that you’ve lost firmness, strength and elasticity in your vaginal walls.

But instead of writing off your sex life as dead on arrival, you’ve got the opportunity to completely change your mindset and body when it comes to the health and happiness of your vagina, thanks to products like V-Tight Gel.

Let’s take a look at some V Tight Gel reviews to see if this is something that should be on your radar.

V-Tight Gel Review

So, does V-Tight work? That’s the question here!

We’ll be taking a look at all of the positives and negatives of this popular tightening cream so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

The Positives

It Actually Works

The most important factor that comes into play with a product like this is whether it works as advertized or not.

We’re delighted to report that V-Tight most certainly works — you’ll be able to sense a difference from the first application, and this will only heighten as you continue with the program.

After a few applications, your partner will suddenly realize that you’re much tighter down there than you used to be as well. Result!

As well as just generally increasing the feeling of tightness in your vagina, we found that the gel really revolutionized our genital areas.

It somehow managed to reduce that smelly discharge which makes us feel so self-conscious, replacing it with a much smoother and odorless lubrication.

Here’s a quick video on one woman’s experience with using V-Tight Gel:

Better Sex and Orgasms

Most of us want a tighter vagina to make sex better for both us and our partner.

v tight gel ingredients

Aside from your partner noticing a difference in how your vagina feels from just a few applications, you’ll find you have much longer and powerful orgasms after using V-Tight regularly for a few week.

By strengthening and firming your vaginal walls, they’ll be able to contract and expand like they used to in your youth to deliver much more satisfying orgasms.

The tighter feeling you’ll get down there also guarantees that you’ll feel more friction during penetration, again turning you on and leading to better, and sexier, experiences.

Makes You Feel Young Again

For us, the biggest bonus of using V-Tight was simply how it made us feel.

Our confidence and self-esteem shot up almost as soon as we started applying the gel, and this soon translated to more happiness and satisfaction in our relationships and day-to-day lives.

Sex certainly isn’t everything, but it’s amazing how much of a glow that having good sex can give you!

It feels amazing to experience turning back the clocks and feeling like a young whippersnapper again — like going back to the you before you had kids!

It honestly wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it transformed our mindset and outlook while improving our relationship — both sexual and emotional — with our partner.

No Side Effects

While you have to remember to apply V-Tight gel every morning and evening for optimal results, there’s no need to spend time worrying about the gel not working or causing any horrible side-effects like you might with other products.

Application is easy and tidy — no sticky mess! — and you just leave it to do its thing as you go about your day.

We know that we’re not the only ones that have considered invasive procedures like a vaginoplasty in the quest for a tighter vagina, but ultimately decided against it. The costs and risks of surgery just weren’t worth it.

But with V-Tight, there’s no risk and no huge cost outlay.

You simply buy a bottle, and let it do its thing.

Plus, no waiting for 6 weeks to have sex!

Low V Tight Gel Price

We think that the V-Tight program offers really excellent value for money — particularly when you buy one of their more long-term supplies.

They offer 3 different packages to choose from — please note that one bottle equals one month’s supply:

  1. 1 month: $39.95 ($39.95 per bottle)
  2. 3 months: $79.90 ($26.63 per bottle)
  3. 5 months: $119.85 ($23.97 per bottle)

The 3 and 5 month packages also boast free shipping.

It’s no wonder that the 5 month package offers the best value and is the most popular.

Remember, this vagina tightening product has to be applied twice a day, every day, so it makes sense to go for the most economical deal you can find for the best results.

v tight gel in stores

And that brings us to the negatives…

The Negatives

Has to Be Applied Every Day 

Unlike opting for a permanent vagina tightening solution — like a vaginoplasty, say — V-Tight Gel is a bit of a commitment.

You have to apply it twice a day, every day, for it to have the best results.

If you skip it for a month, it’s likely that your vagina will slowly return back to its original, slack shape.

So while it’s cheap in comparison to surgery, you have got to pay for a longer-term investment if you want to have the same kind of results.

Buying in bulk manages to offset some of the cost, but it’s worth thinking of it as a subscription type deal — you fork out around $200 a year in order to have a steady supply of vagina tightening products.

Is it worth it? Only you can answer that!

But it’s certainly worth a try.

Where to Buy V Tight Gel

We’ve had a look for V-Tight Gel in stores but the only place we’ve seen it sold is online.

The best place to get it and take advantage of the package value deals is direct from the company website.

Have you tried V-Tight Gel yet?

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